RAW MATERIAL: The company manufactures in galvanized corrugated steel, with a 600 gr/m² coating. More corrosion resistant, ensuring a double service life than other suppliers do.

CALCULATION OF THE STRUCTURE: Silo calculation is made according to EUROCODE 1.4. Under request, calculation in other norms and calculation of different coeficients sismic, snow & wind, to adapt to geographic areas.

CERTIFICATED PRODUCTION. Manufacture under norm En-1090, CE Marking. State of art production to easy assembly.

WIDE RANGE. Capacities from 4,77m3 to 72m3.

6 diameters:  1.80m, 2.10m, 2.50m, 2.75m, 3.20m, 3.80m. Hoppers: 45º, 60º y 67º.