Corporate social responsibility

Concerned about our environment


The construction of a more fair and generous society is one of our commitments. In order to aid disadvantaged groups we collaborate with different Foundations and NGOs such as AFIM Foundation, Red Cross, Manos Unidas and NIPACE.


Our region counts with the support of Symaga Group for diverse activities, as an example, the football team sponsorship or Athletics Club Villarta de San Juan.


Symaga is aware nature belongs to humankind, and it has to be preserved for next generations. For this reason, we assume the engagement with sustainable development.

Our environmental programme includes:

  • Waste management. We reduce, rework and recycle all industrial materials, guaranteeing prevention of pollution and promoting environmental education.
  • Downsizing of consumption of water, and residual waters treatment.
  • Energy efficiency. Determination of the best practices for reducing energy consumption. We provide to our employees information and training seasons for the efficiency in the use of energy.
  • Steel providers are certified with ISO 14001, meaning the reuse of the 80 – 90% of the material.


Equipo humano Growket

Human resources

Career advancement

Motivation and the good work come together. Professional development through training and internal promotion increases the implication in the project as well as contribution. A large percentage of foremen and team leaders derives from internal promotions.
A pleasant and tidy working atmosphere enhances productivity.
Our working time, adapted to customer, and the possibility of flexible journaling enable family and labour conciliation.