Pig Programme and Turkey Full Line Project. Symaga Group 2015. March 2015

Symaga Group continues with the development program in poultry and pig building. In 2015, we present the complete turkey feeding line and the complete program of fencing for pens, tubular stall of gestation and raised throughs.


Symaga Group Pig Programme FIMA and VIV Asia 2015

Symaga Group has developed a program of 3 types of fencing: Horizontal Steel Fences for fattening of 1 meter, for pigs up to 6 kg, Vertical Steel Fences of 1 ,1.20 and 1.40m and PVC blind and ventilated, defined for a panel of 50mm of thickness considering it the optimum for fattening, sow and boards. All these Symaga Group’s fences are included in a new modular system of pens dividers for the creations of all sizes of this structure.

Tubular boxes line is composed by 2 models: one of them made of solid bars and split rear door and the second one made of tubular bars and access door, both with fixed front for a different stainless steel through and no upper enclosure bars for the easy access of farm staff to the sow.

Our technical department reaches, among other objectives, optimize farm results in farrowing, piglets and in weaning. For this reason we are designing more accurate feeding system and alternatives in kind of floor systems and slats, besides new housing.


Turkey Full Line Project Symaga Group. FIGAN 2015

Growket Symaga Group improves its turkey project with the integration of PAL Industries. In Figan 2015, we present the complete turkey feeding line. Star C, Star H and Star F are the only feed pans designed for turkey’s behavior. Star C is ideal for day old until 5th week, the hygienic cone that prevents birds to enter into the pan. Star H allows finishing female. Star F is more robust, it can be supplied with an optional 60mm feeding tube, pan cover is precisely calculated to prevent head injuries and feed wastage.

Turkeys drinking line is new in Growket Symaga Group product line, it have been included with the previous study of all the options market, both rearing and finishing period, always considering that turkey requires a high volume of water to perform.

Turkey Water system include: water supply which ensure quality water by filtering, drinkings line are composed by elements of 3m length with drip cup reinforce with stainless steel; and

Regulate pressure with a flush breath unit at the end of the line.

Symaga Group considers the principle of the pendulum to easy access to water. Nipples are moved by a pendulum, that birds move to the side. Through this movement the nipples valves open and water flows into the cups. When birds stop to drink the pendulum move back to the closing position and stop water flow. For the day old turkeys there is a float ball, when the float ball starts to float on the water surface the pendulum returns to closing position.

Great progress is been made during the last year, with the objective to meet all needs pf the global turkey markets. Our R&D department studies carefully all project, adapting equipment for every producer. Our mission is to facilitate the work and achieve optimal profits of a modern farm.

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