Extension of pig fattening building in Toledo

Mariano Hernández, a livestock businessman, is finishing a twin building for pig fattening, which will double the 1700 pigs that he currently has in a farm near Otero town, province of Toledo. Last Tuesday, February 25, Marcelo García  Spain sales manager of Growket  visited the farm  accompanied by Emilio Verastegui from Recover Business, engineering responsible manager for this project. Mariano and his parents, Domingo and Feli del Castillo, told us how family business is growing  from first pig building  built 14 years ago at the family farm.

During the visit, we had the pleasure of meeting the veterinarian and the area responsible visitor of Jisaps integrator. During this meeting, they were speaking about great increase of farms in this area  which has meant a growth of pig sector in Toledo.

Growket has participated in the project supplying a part of livestock equipment. We highlight 2.50/4 feed silos model with 18 tons capacity and flex auger transport system. Growket Symaga Group thanks to Recover Business and Hernández family for their confidence.

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