Enach Association and Laudes Infantis Foundation

These organizations presented their projects to our Company and a visit our factory.

Antonio López, president and founder of Enach Association told us what are ENACH, a group of neurodegenerative, genetic and ultra-rare diseases that usually appear in the first decade of life and have no treatment. The association is formed by family members and friends affected, who have as a short-term objective to alleviate and chronify these diseases. They fund differents research projects, one of them seeks treatments with existing medicine, which may be a therapeutic option. ENACH association is part of the NBIA Alliance, an international associations of 10 countries that fight for the ENACH cure. Antonio’s speech, passed from darkness to light, when he showed us the results achieved in some patients, who went from the wheelchair to recover mobility and autonomy in some months of treatment.

Laudes Infantis, was created with the initial purpose of preventing the problematic of street children in Bogotá/Colombia. Javier Gutiérrez, our sales manager for France, Africa and Bangladesh, visited Symaga as a representative of this foundation. Javier, with experience in International Development explained uniqueness of this Foundation, a strategy based on BARTER. He told us about the success of the Salamandra kindergarden, where mothers can leave their children, in exchange for collaborate in the Library or attend to training courses. Projects are developed collectively with the community, ensuring longer permanence over the time.

Symaga Group has contributed to these 2 projects, and we would like to highlight congratulations to both organizations. The Enach Association and Laudes Infantis Foundation, are a life lesson, an example of perseverance applicable to many social problems.

It is difficult to summarize everything they transmitted to us and their great labor, so we invite you to meet them at https://www.enach.org/ and https://laudesinfantis.org/


We take this opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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