Growket feed silo in Eastern Europe

The main market for our feed silo is Europe. This is the reason why Growket feed silo is designed according to Eurocode standards since 2017. In 2020, after and structural optimization, sales were increased by 16% despite a year marked by coronavirus.

European´s market have a distribution that began to hold in the mid-90s. In Eastern Europe, we´d  like to emphasise Prodcom, that has send us this picture of the last assembly of our feed silo, in a hunting area in Hungary. A feed storage silo to feed the deer. This installation is special, because it has a hopper´s aeration, that improves the feed´s properties maintenance.

Growket keeps the philosopy of supply optimazed storage solution, that reach the highest profitability and satisfation of our Customer. This technical adaptation achieves the loyalty of many customer and is the key of continuing growth.

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