Granja Agas Project

Producers of 500 thousand layer eggs per day, distributed nationally and internationally Granja Agas owns 10 layer houses with 600,000 layers, located in two centers in Motilla del Palancar, Cuenca. “We want to highlight the silos installed in ou four new buildings that house 80,000 free-cage hens among pine and almond trees, surrounded by Nature”, said Granja Agas.

These layer houses have feed silos and transport systems by Growket, Symaga Group. The selected option within our wide silos range, is 250 / 3T67º silo model of approximately 15 tons of capacity. Among its advantages, the design of our silo is according to EUROCODE, the most restrictive norm of the market, galvanization Z600 that guarantees an optimal protection against the corrosion and the 67º hopper, designed for a better feed flow. The installation is complemented by flex auger transport systems with a diameter of 125mm of approximately 4tons / h, to transport feed from the silos to our continuous weighing scale of 5 tons / h and from the scale into the poultry house.

The prominent trajectory of Granja Agas begins in the 60s and evolves from traditional production to the most current techniques, which include eggs from free-cage layers, breeding hens from the first day and the production of its own feed. They have a state-of-the-art classification and packaging center, a pioneer in Spain and, of course, adapted to the new community regulations.

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