Growket, Symaga Group, presents new Broiler feeder.

The main aim of Growket at FIGAN and during this year is the launching of our new Broiler feeders, ALBRO with a 14 struts-grill and BROLI with a 5-struts grill. Characterized by their resistance, higher thickness of the pieces, above market standards. Easy access of chick from the first day due to W-shaped pan bottom ideal for sink into the bedding. Hinged pans for an easy cleaning. We use plastic resistant to UV rays, detergents and disinfectants. Feeding line is complemented with a new galvanized ribbed tube, in addition to standard tube; and an end-of-line control pan with LED, which emits wavelengths to attract the birds, ensuring complete filling of feeder line. 

We keep improving our auger and chain transport system, for the last two years. We have validated our range of silos from 1,80 m. to 3,80 m according to EUROCODE. Our feed silo has the most reliable and optimal design and structure calculation of the market. Capacities from 4.77 m3 to 85 m3, diameters of 1.80, 2.10, 2.55, 2.75, 3.20 and 3.80m and with hoppers of 45º, 60º and 67º.


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