9 silos for Piglets

Alcolea de Tajo is a village in the province of Toledo, where 9 silos for our customer PIGLETS have recently been installed. This Company from Lleida has launched an Iberian pig project. Piglets is dedicated to the breeding and fattening of pigs, with a business concept, based on the heritage of their ancestors’ tradition, taking care of the product from the beginning to the end, from the farm to the home.

This project, in which our silos have been proudly integrated, consists of the supplying of a silo for a feed mill and 8 silos for a pig building divided into 8 departments with 900 places of 2 sqm / pig, with straw beds, a total of 7,200 Iberian pigs. This pig building is fitted with Growket Symaga Group’s feed silos. The option selected within our wide silos range, is 275 / 3T60º silo model of approximately 25.96 m3 of capacity, among its advantages, the design of our silo is according to EUROCODE, galvanization Z600 that guarantees an optimal protection against the corrosion

From Growket Symaga Group, we want to thank Piglets for your confidence. Congratulations on your project, which exceeds animal welfare regulations, seeking comfort of pigs as a way to quality production.

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