Turkey feeding system

Growket is a complete feeding system for broiler and turkey including everything from the feeding and watering line to the system for the storage and transport of feed, all managed with a personalized electronic control. To complete the poultry house project, Growket has developed a climate control system that ensures high conversion rates and durability.


STAR C. Ideal from the first day up to the 5th week




  • Optimal start

    The breeding cone prevents the poult to go into the pan, preventing feed soiling of the feed and diseases.

    Availability of food guaranteed by level adjustment with anti-closing mechanism.

    The pan height facilitates access to feed.

    Grating with 4 supports that improve access to feed.

    V-shaped pan designed to help concentrate the feed in the centre.

    Rim designed to prevent feed wastage.

  • Easy cleaning and poult care

    Easy to operate opening clip to simplify removal of the pan for cleaning.

    Small number of parts for a complete hygiene.

    Tilting pan to prevent damage to the breast of the animal.

    Smooth rounded rims to prevent damage to the poult.

  • Manufacturer reliability

    The selection of raw materials and control of the whole process allow us to offer a 10-year guarantee*. (*With depreciation).

    Made of virgin polypropylene, resistant to UV rays and cleaning or disinfection products.

  • Modular

    Components that allow quick and easy adaptation of the pan for the fattening of females and males.

    Opening tab making it easier to change the pan.

Star H. Continuity for fattening the female from the 6th week



  • Efficient.

    Level setting designed to prevent closure, guaranteeing the availability of feed.

    The pan rim, pointing inwards prevents feed wastage.

  • Comfortable

    Grating with 4 supports for an open space that improves the visibility of feed and comfort, recreating a natural environment and stimulating the feeding behaviour of the turkey.

    The height of the pan and tube allows natural and free movement of turkeys in the house.

    With smooth rounded rim to prevent damages to the turkey.

  • Quality and Guarantee.

    We manufacture with plastic resistant to UV rays and cleaning or disinfection products. We do not use metal components ensuring there is no corrosion.

    10-year guarantee*. (* With depreciation).

  • Effective cleaning

    Small number of easily-removable parts with a tab opening system for an easy and full cleaning.

  • Flexibility.

    The pans are modular. We have components to adapt them to breeding and fattening of males.

STAR F. Strong and comfortable




  • Natural space

    The rounded rims of the pieces and the especially calculated height of the pan roof prevents damage to the animal’s head.

    The height of the pan and tube allows the free movement of turkeys in the house, recreating their natural environment.

    The pan structure with 4 supports provides stability and makes it easier to access the feed.

  • More robust. Guaranteed durability.

    Solid assembling of pieces to resist the strong and sudden movements of the turkey.

    Made with plastic highly resistant to UV rays, detergents and disinfectants.

    We do not use metal components, ensuring there is no corrosion.

    We offer a 10-year guarantee*. (* With depreciation)

  • Optimal feeding

    Optional feeding system with 60mm diameter feeding tube by chain or auger, which ensures quick distribution of feed in the pans.

    Optimum filling level with an anti-closign system, which ensures availability of feed.

    High rounded rim to prevent loss of feed.

  • Hygienic

    Easy and complete cleaning thanks to its small number of parts, easily removable with a tab opening system.

  • Versatile

    The pans are modular, with components to adapt them to breeding and fattening of the female.