Rigid auger transport system

The rigid auger transport system is a fast and high capacity, from 4.000 kg/h to 20.000 kg/h., with different lengths and production capacities to adapt to every need.

Maximum capacity


  • Fast, high-capacity, solid-core transport based on a tubular conveyor with a rigid auger.
  • We have several models from 4000 kg/h to 20,000 kg/h. various measures and productions based on the diameter of the internal thread, 127, 160 and 200 mm, to suit every need
  • Different auger configurations depending on the product to be treated.
  • Built in painted carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.
  • Drive by pulleys and belts or direct geared motor.
  • Regulation of manual load or wheel in the filling hatch.
  • Ability to incorporate several product inputs.
  • 6-metre modules, with the possibility of easy disassembly.
  • Adaptations and transitions to adjust the tilt.