Pig metal housing

In modern management, housing is critical to the profitability of a facility. Growket manufactures equipment adapted to the different management systems, both for a new building or for the renewal of an existing one. Our technicians pursue a single goal, to optimize the results of gestation, farrowing, weaning and fattening.



Selflocking box






  • Box for confirmed gestation with simple operation by a swing door with no springs allowing the autonomy of the sow, which enters and leaves the cage freely.
  • Sows can be locked temporarily, individually or by group.
  • Door with central access to facilitate staff access to the sow.




Tubular box






  • Flexible tubular structure to avoid possible deformations.
  • Two Models.
    • With split rear door to facilitate staff access to the sow without opening it, simplifying the individual monitoring of sows, the insemination and stimulation.
    • With lift-up door
  • Simple locking system of the entrance door with no loose bolts.
  • Versatile anchoring for all types of slat.
  • The box prevents fights while eating.
  • Galvanized finish.
  • Allows the installation of stainless steel troughs.
  • Adjustable rear leg.



Solid box



porcino-alojamiento-gestacion-box-macizo-growket-1 porcino-alojamiento-gestacion-box-macizo-growket-2



  • Robust design made of Ø 20-14 bar, without cuts or sharp edges to prevent injuries to the sow.
  • Easy, rear lift-up access door that allows perfect insemination and individual control per sow.
  • Optional front door according to handling needs.
  • With galvanized anchors that fit all types of concrete slat.
  • Reduces stress by preventing fighting while eating.
  • Option in black or galvanized steel. Width up to 65mm.
  • Economic investment, less maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Upper structure fixing by clamps for galvanized steel box finish or welding for black steel box.



¼ box



Box de gestación porcino 1/4


  • This is an economic option for confirmed in small groups.
  • Avoids the stress of the learning phase and fights while eating in the blind option.
  • Models with galvanized bearing structure:
    • Blind with PVC panel
    • Blind with hot dip galvanized plate
    • With vertical metal bars
  • Possibility of selecting different widths during assembly




Growket gestation pens






  • Modular systems to configure different types of pen.
  • They are solid standardized partitions with a height of 1.20m for sows in group and 1.40m for boars. The length is adapted to the facility.
  • The materials used are PVC or galvanized upright tubular bars.
  • We supply all components to form the pen:  
    • strong and handy systems for opening or closing the door: locks, hinge, reversible opening door.
    • supports, posts and stainless steel screws available
  • Adaptable to slopes.
  • All components are replaceable.




Farrowing. Optimizing the results

Finger bar farrowing crate



  • Compact hot dip galvanized tube solution that restricts the sow to avoid injury to the piglets.
  • The fingers distribute the space and facilitate the piglets ‘access to suckle. They are rounded to avoid injury
  • Front and rear access to the sow.
  • The rear door is reversible and opens in two directions.
  • Adjustable in width and length to suit the size of the sow.
  • Adaptable to straight and diagonal housing systems.
  • The arc allows the attachment of all types of feeders and placement of pipes.
  • Anchors for fixing to any kind of slats
  • Easy installation by 12 HS screws.

Long folding farrowing crate with front turn



  • Hot dip galvanized tube box for durability and less maintenance.
  • This farrowing crate offers more space making it easier for the piglet to access to suckle.  
  • Access to the animal by the front and rear.
  • Reversible and door that opens in two directions.
  • They are adjustable in width and length.
  • Option of fixed or adjustable protective bars, which fit the sow increasing comfort and reducing stress.
  • Fixing to any type of slat.
  • Designed for straight and diagonal housing systems
  • Multipurpose front for attaching different feeders and water pipes

Farrowing pens


  • Standardized PVC panel system for walls of 500mm or 600mm high, depending on whether they are blind or ventilated fences.
  • Flexible construction in length and width to set up pens according to requirement.
  • Easy assembly due to the small number of components:
    • Stainless steel accessories
    • The door can be opened in two directions


Protecting growth


  • The housing is flexible, consisting of PVC adaptable panels regardless of the size of the pen.
  • PVC panels are corrosion resistant for long service life
  • Easy assembly due to the small number of components.
  • Rounded edges on anchors and stainless steel screws prevents injury to pigs.
  • The standard height of the PVC panel is 700mm. Greater heights can be supplied depending on certain genetics and ages.
  • The doors open both ways, making it easy to get the animals out of the pens.
  • Solid fixation to the floor.
  • Hygienic; its smooth surface facilitates cleaning and drying after washing.



Efficient housing

porcino-alojamiento-corral-engorde-growketAlojamiento corral de engorde para destete

  • The pens for the fattening phase are built with a standard height of 1000mm. Greater heights can be supplied.
  • There are different solutions depending on the installation and customer needs:
    • Blind or ventilated PVC panel pens with galvanized or stainless steel anchors. The warm and soundproof PVC surface provides greater comfort to the animals and better hygienic conditions.
    • Metal structure pens with vertical or horizontal galvanized bars, specially built for large groups.
  • Solid door which opens both ways to facilitate the entry and exit of animals.
  • Fixation to the floor in a single piece.
  • Stainless steel anchors and screws with rounded edges to prevent damage to the pig

Internal partitions in buildings

Internal partitions




To build:

  • rooms inside the buildings. PVC wall panel may replace brick walls inside the house.  
  • Intermediate PVC walls, with different ‘H’ profile connection systems, 125mm diameter extruded PVC pillars or tongue and groove system.
  • There are various stainless steel or galvanized accessories for fixing to the ceiling and PVC walls, guaranteeing stability.