Pig floor system

  • Suelo porcino

Growket modular flooring systems for farrowing and weaning are combined to adapt to different pen designs.
There is a wide range of slats of various sizes and surfaces. Made of high quality plastic, triangular rod and cast iron.
They are comfortable and hygienic, achieving the proper disposal of slurry.


Triangular rod for the sow



  • Custom made with hot dip galvanized triangular rod, with 10mm base and 10mm opening.
  • Possibility of two heights, to facilitate access to the breasts
  • Non-slip. The level difference generated by the transverse plate increases the strength and stability in the movements of the sow, limiting the risks of crushing.
  • Cleaner. They have more free space and the V-shape of the rod facilitates drainage of slurry.
  • Self-supporting. They are built over the total length and width of the farrowing house.
  • Combines perfectly with plastic slats.

Slat for piglet and sow



  • Made of high-strength polypropylene for durability and flexibility.
  • Stable, with vertical and horizontal relief strip to prevent the piglet slipping and make it easier for the sow to stand up.
  • The design of the ribs increases strength and improves cleaning of the bottom and top

Cast iron



  • Strong and durable.
  • Contribute to the welfare of the mother because they dissipate heat.
  • Non-slip surface that improves grip to make it easier for the animal to stand up.
  • Perfect finish to avoid damage to the nipples of the sow
  • Combines perfectly with plastic slats.




Placa de hormigón polímero


Placa de acer inoxidable


Hydraulic plate in polymer concrete

  • Adaptable to any type of floor, possibility of embedding and self-supporting
  • Robust, made of polymer concrete with optional stainless steel flaps
  • The heat is concentrated in the part in contact with the piglet, the insulating plate inside reduces energy losses.
  • Surface with relief for the stability of the piglets.
  • Closed pore in the polymer concrete to prevent accumulation of dirt and improve hygiene.
  • Inner coil that ensures the absence of limescale.

Electric plate in polymer concrete 

  • Self-supporting and possibility of latching to any slat.
  • Robust, made of polymer concrete with stainless steel flaps
  • Insulating plate inside to reduce energy losses.
  • Good hygienic conditions. closed pore in the polymer concrete
  • Vertical and horizontal lacrimation of the surface which improves the grip of the piglets.

Stainless steel hydraulic plate

  • Quick amortization by reducing the cost associated with production and distribution elements (boiler, pumps, piping, valves, etc.).
  • Possibility of latching or self-supporting on any type, size and model of slat.
  • Insulating plate inside to reduce energy losses.
  • Excellent hygiene: the stainless steel, along with the type of lacrimation, makes for easy cleaning.
  • No intersections inside which prevents the appearance of lime and other deposits
  • Vertical and horizontal strips that prevent the piglet from slipping.

Stainless steel electric plate 

  • Reduces energy consumption through the insulating plate inside that avoids energy losses.
  • The stainless steel makes for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Vertical and horizontal strips that prevent the animal from slipping
  • Standard level model with the possibility of latching and self-supporting.

Support for heating plate.

  • We provide an easily installed independent support which achieves the proper positioning of the plate. 


Corrugated slat



  • Robust slat, made of high density plastic and reinforced with double bridge every 10 cm to support a greater weight and the free movement of the animals.
  • Increased stability by increasing the point of support with the corrugations.






  • Comfortable, providing rest areas for the piglet
  • Safe step by a vertical and horizontal relief strip that secures the hoof avoiding slipping and the risk of injury.
  • Strong, made with high-density plastic
  • Good hygienic conditions for healthy growth. Easy cleaning and good slurry evacuation capacity
  • Robust and easy to install because of its anchoring system


Blind slat

porcino-suelo-destete-slat-ciego-ondulado-growket porcino-suelo-destete-slat-ciego-liso-growket


The blind slat can be installed:

  • Below the hoppers to retrieve feed waste,
  • Creating rest areas without airflows.
  • When heating is used, to increase heat retention.

With holes or to facilitate drainage and cleaning.


Half-blind slat



  • Comfortable for piglets because they create areas without airflows.
  • With holes to facilitate drainage in cleaning.
  • Two 400x600mm options, with 10% and 20% of blind surface


Heating lines for transition


From the advantages of each type of energy and material we highlight the advantages provided by heating lines or heating islands:

  • Technical solution for lower energy consumption.
  • Possibility of use in all types of slats and position of beams.
  • Reusable for extensions, or other uses on the farm.


Beams and supports

Fibreglass beams


  • Resistant to weight, corrosion and cleaning products
  • The base is calculated for perfect stability which prevents lateral movements.
  • Provide flexibility in the layout of your farm, bearing the different types of slats for flooring in each room.
  • Easy installation
  • Hygienic because of their design and smooth surface, which prevents the accumulation of waste

Galvanized iron beams


  • Greater resistance. Superior fixing in farrowing houses and gestation.
  • Hot dip galvanization.



  • Easy installation, even in old farm houses, whose pits lack supporting walls.
  • Easy adjustment by turning the central column.
  • Accurate balance of the slopes in the pits
  • Height regulation from 50 mm (optional maximum height).
  • Slpes in BASE of 0% – 1% and 2%.
  • They are safe and stable, made of polypropylene/Liz by thermo-injection, for a long service life.
  • Proven compressive strength of 750kg/support, with high thermal stability: -25 to +110 °C.
  • Resistant to corrosion, detergents, disinfectants and microorganisms, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.