Ovine pen

Growket manufactures pens for sheep and goats which improve their different
management, either extensive or intensive, in a new facility as well as in a renovated

PVC Fences


  • A system of modular dividing fences with PVC panels, resistant to corrosion for a long

    working life and easy cleaning.

  • Different lengths, widths, and thicknesses for flexible construction of areas.

  • Easy assembly, due to the minimal number of components. Accessories in stainless steel and PVC.

Metal Fences



  • Fences with a simple fastening system which allows several posts to be installed with

    the option of an entrance gate for lambs.

  • Corral divisions with the lower protection in galvanized steel.

  • Farrowing accommodation is manufactured in horizontal galvanized tubing with a

    height of 1.15 m.