Ovine floor system

The floor systems for sheep and goats are modular. There is a wide range of plastic slats, of various sizes and surfaces. The triangular-barred slat for stabled breeding of sheep and goat livestock ensures a cleaner surface. Both types allow a solution to be provided for different facilities.

Plastic slats



  • Manufactured in highly resistant polypropylene to ensure durability and flexibility.
  • Anti-slip, with protruding vertical and horizontal strips to ensure safe passage and stability for this type of hoof.
  • The design of the ribbing increases resistance and improves cleaning of the upper and lower parts.
  • Different sizes, from 200 mm to 600 mm.
  • They are ideal for suckling rooms, as well as for pits in milking rooms, where the operator’s step is cushioned to protect their joints and back.
  • Installation is solid and simple thanks to the fastening system.

Triangular-barred slat



  • Custom made slat with hot-dip galvanized triangular rod with 10 mm base and 15 mm opening.
  • Very versatile, made to the facility requirements. It allows 4,5m. pit width, and a reduction in cost per square meter.
  • Anti-slip. The difference in level which is created by the transversal plate increases resistance, and stability for the animal.
  • Cleaner. More free surface. V-shaped rod facilitates drainage.
  • Self-supporting.


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