Growket, new vision: becoming a reference in the manufacture of feed silo and feed delivery system

Symaga Group has decided to focus all of Growket’s technical and human assets in the feed silo, auger and chain feed delivery system and broiler feeding systems. The goal is to efficiently develop these product line, improving all current portfolio in order to position between the best worldwide manufacturers of feed silo and feed delivery system.

Growket inherits the excellence and experience of Symaga Group for manufacturing and marketing of silos. More than 35 years of experience, 12,000 projects in more than 145 countries are the guarantee of a reliable manufacture and delivery.

Since 2016, Growket has been Symaga Group’s brand for livestock equipment. It offers a wide range of feed silos, with capacity from 4,77 to 72m3. Feed silos are manufactured according to EUROCODE 1.4, and made of Z600 galvanized steel, ensuring twice the silo’s service life compared to other suppliers.  Growket’s  flexible augers and chain feed delivery system are resistant and versatile, and complement feeding systems. Feeder’s lines Albro and Broli achieve more efficient feed conversion from the first to the last day of broiler.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a technical team that works for the continued improvement of the product range make GROWKET, SYMAGA GROUP your reliable partner for feed silo and feeding system.

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