Growket collaborates in the pig sector Monographic

A few days ago, the first presentation of the book “El sector porcino de la incertidumbre al liderazgo”  (“The porcine sector: from uncertainty to leadership”) was made in Lleida, a monograph that collects the great advances experienced by the sector in the last 30 years. The coordinator, Miguel Ángel Diaz Yubero, has given us the opportunity to participate in chapter 15 to expose the topic of innovation in livestock farms. In order to give a complete vision of the four pillars of pig production, we had the collaboration of exceptional professionals such as Eugenio Sánchez and Manuel Parra, in the issue of facilities and management, and with Gonzalo Bruna and Carmen Agüero in the issue of  nutrition and health. We thank Miguel Ángel Diaz Yubero the chance to participate and also express our gratitude for our collaborators great contribution, that Growket may participate in one of the leading publications of the Spanish pig sector, that of course, we invite you to read it.

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