The Growket flex auger, chain and rigid auger transport systems suits all feed transport demands in poultry, pork and sheep houses. They are safe, versatile and fast systems.

Multiple models and applications


  • Safe, fast and direct transport of all kinds of feed (granules, flour, pellets and mixtures). Fully enclosed to prevent dust and noise.
  • We offer different models from 400 kg/h up to 4000 kg/h, in 55, 75, 90 and 125mm diameters.
  • This automated system allows you to reduce labor because of its ease of use.

Solution for any installation and Biosafety


  • Its flexibility allows the transport of feed in any facility, from a central point to all buildings, regardless of height differences and location.
  • We have line extension hoppers for above-standard lengths and 90 ° elbows for the main line.
  • Improves biosafety level because trucks can unload the feed outside the clean area, which prevents the spread of infection.

Components. Guaranteed durability





Solid and ductile, made of oil-tempered high carbon plate, ensuring long life.






The pipes are made of UV-resistant PVC to increase their wear resistance.


Single, double and tandem boots.




  • There different options with boots with 1 to 4 exits and discharge angle of 0º or 30º.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Combined with single or double cones, they allow complex installations.


Control Unit UNIFLEX


  • High sensitivity automatic safety sensor to stop and start the engine, avoiding breakdowns.
  • Two types: membrane sensor and mecanic sensor.
  • Available in diameters 75 and 90mm.
  • Large transparent register, for easy assemblying and visibility, allowing to see the operation. Safety lock to prevent accidental opening.
  • Design: Union of pieces by tabs, without screws, to facilitate assembly. Inner edge to prevent water ingress and moisture Funnel with two slopes that facilitates the feed flow and prevents the slope
  • Complements: Transparent flexible tuve and connection to flexible tube by thread.
  • Technical data: Control unit UNIFLEX

Control Unit INOX



  • Mecanic safety sensor. High sensitivity to start the engine, avoiding breakdowns.
  • Available in diameters 55, 75 and 90 and two models of 125mm.
  • Through an opening, for maintenance.
  • Complement: Transparent flexible tube and connection to flexible tube by thread.
  • Technical data: Control unit INOX


Capacitive probe


  • Switch fully sealed to prevent moisture and dust from damaging its electronic components, ensuring reliability.

  • ts internal microprocessor allows a delay of 1 second to 2 hours, avoiding continuous running of the motor.


Outlet Drops

Boca de caída

  • Range of outlets designed for perfect exit of feed, whether flour or granulated.

  • Hermetic to moisture and dust.

  • All of them have individual opening and closing.

  • Made of polypropylene.

  • With telescopic extension to adjust the capacity of the hopper.