Feed Silo Sales Increase

In 2020, Growket launched an optimization for the feed silo  improving improved its structure but keeping the design according to EUROCODE 1.4. In order to meet our clients demand we offer, under resquest, calculation according different seismic coefficients, snow load & wind speed, and possibility to calculate in other norms. The target is to increase the competitiveness of the company’s key product.

Almost a year after, with the Growket´s sales figures for the 2020 closed, in an unprecedented pandemic scene  we congratulate  technical and sales team for their work. Sales were increased in a16%, consolidating the European market and with new customers in Latin America and Asia.

In 2021, the goal is to develop the line of components and accessories to improve feed silo management. We keep a continuous improvement process of Growket´s feed silo: in 2017 we obtain EUROCODE, in 2014 we offered new diameters and Z600 galvanization and in 2013 we obtained CE certificate.

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