Duck feeding system

The Growket feeding system for ducks is complete including everything from the feeding and watering line to the system for the storage and transport of feed, all managed with a personalized electronic control. To complete the poultry house project, Growket has developed a climate control system that ensures high conversion rates and durability.



DOS 2000. Exclusive for ducks



From the first to the last day

  • Easy access to food, with a pan height of 60 mm.
  • Flow of feed guaranteed with level adjustment by a tube with an anti-closing system, allowing the ducks to see the feed during the first days, reducing the animal stress.


  • Free open space preventing damage to the duck’s head. The distance between the rim and the feed outlet tube of the pan and the 4 arms allows the head to get into, respecting the capturing move of an aquatic bird with a long and broad beak.
  • Rounded rim preventing feed wastage keeping it into the pan.
  • 400mm. pan diameter to save the feed from the clumsy and jerky movements of the duck.
  • Robusto, fabricado con plástico resistente que soporta los movimientos agresivos del animal.
  • Small number of parts, making it easier to remove for quick cleaning.