Broiler water system

A supply of clean cool water is vital for an optimal broiler rearing. The Growket water system for broilers includes the water line and the water control panel, all managed with a personalized electronic control.


From the first to the last day


  • Nipples to ensure optimum flow rate and a flow of clean cool water from the first to the last day.
  • We guarantee quick access to the water with multidirectional nipples.
  • The correct height of the line will depend on the age of the animal. We provide a table with instructions.
  • Pieces designed to prevent bird damage.

Optimal hygiene


  • Drip cups and nipples ensure dry litter.
  • Nipples made of stainless steel for hygienic supply of water and easy cleaning increasing service life.
  • The breathing tube and the pressure regulator allow self-cleaning of the water line, minimizing labour.

Complete water system




The water system consists of:

  • Water lines

    -Supplied in 3m sections, water lines consist of an aluminium profile or galvanized tube, a PVC pipe for the stainless steel nipples or stainless steel and plastic body nipples; and drip cups.

    -All components are resistant to corrosion and cleaning and disinfection products.

    The line is watertight thanks to the assembly of the parts without glue.

  • Start pressure regulator; central pressure regulator, achieving uniform pressure and a constant flow rate all along the line.

    If necessary we also supply slope regulators to compensate for any slopes in the floor of the poultry houses.

  • Aeration-rinsing unit with 450 or 600 mm. aeration tube indicating the water level at the end of the line and allowing the air to escape; Rinsing unit can be used to flush water from the line when the water temperature has risen and there is a risk of reduced consumption.
  • Suspension

    Simple system of pulleys and cables with manual or automatic winch.

    Adjusts the height of the water lines according to the age of the bird in order to facilitate an optimum water intake.

    Help the entry and exit of birds and house cleaning.

  • Water control panel

    Ensures water quality and long life of the nipples and the full system.

    Composed of different items, combined according to the needs of the installation.

    – Filter to prevent nipples ‘obstruction.

    – Pressure gauge.

    – Electronic water meter to control water consumption.

    – By-Pass to connect to the medicator.

    – Dosing and shaker to dispense treatments.

  • Anti-perch

    The anti-perch systems prevent birds from perching on the water lines.