Broiler feeding system ant

Growket is a complete feeding system for broiler and turkey including everything from the feeding and watering line to the system for the storage and transport of feed, all managed with a personalized electronic control. To complete the poultry house project, Growket has developed a climate control system that ensures high conversion rates and durability.


ALBRO Y BROLI. Total resistance





  • More efficient CT feed conversion

    7 adjustable levels to set the amount of feed according to the live weight of the animal.

    Higher rim to prevent food wastage.

    V-shaped pan to improve the concentration of feed in the centre.

    The cone sections prevent feed wastage by preventing the bird from digging.

    Sliding shut-off for full opening or closing the food trough.

  • From the first to the last day

    W-shaped pan bottom ideal for sink into the litter.

    Grill with flexible arms making it easier for the birds to get in and out for the first few days.

    Tilting pan to prevent damage to the bird’s breast.

  • Effective cleaning

    Swings open for quick cleaning

  • Guaranteed durability

    Higher thickness of the pan to increase its durability.

    UV rays, detergents and disinfectants high resistant pan

    We offer a 10-year guarantee*. (* With depreciation)

  • Modular pan. Flexibility.

    Grill with 14 arms allowing efficient distribution of birds and preventing them from getting in after second week.

    Grill with 5 arms providing more space to eat.

    We have components for small birds (partridges, quails).

  • We have manual hoppers

PAL STAR. Accessibility and easy cleaning





  • Quick and easy cleaning

    Hinged opening system. With a simple twist, the pan bottom is suspended for washing and disinfection.

  • Easy access in the first few days

    The pan height is 69mm.

    W-shaped pan bottom ideal for sink into the litter.

    The feed outlet windows allow a high quantity of food to be dispensed into the pan in a short time to attract the attention of the bird.

  • Excellent control for saving feed 

    The pan rim prevents feed wastage.

    Because of its V shape, the feed is concentrated in the centre away from the rim.

    5-level flow setting to regulate the amount of feed depending on the age.

    The cone flanges prevent the birds spilling the feed with the movement of their legs.

    Shutter for opening or closing the flow of feed to the feed trough.

  • Comfortable open space

    The grating with 5 supports improves access to feed.

    Smooth rims and tilting pan to prevent damage to the bird’s breast.

  • Manufacturer reliability

    The selection of raw materials and control of the whole process allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee*. (* With depreciation).

    Made of polypropylene, resistant to UV rays, detergents and disinfectants.


M80J Guaranteed efficiency






  • More space for birds

    Larger 400mm-diameter pan allows you to increase the number of birds per pan.

    Increases the space for birds, reducing stress.

  • Easier start for breeding

    Pan height: 50mm or 70mm.

    W-shaped pan bottom ideal for sink into the litter.

  • More hygienic

    Option of Hygienic Hood to prevent birds getting in the first few days.

    Small number of parts, making it easier to remove for cleaning.

  • Care of the bird

    Especially rounded rim.

    The tilt of the pan protects the breast of the bird.

  • Optimal feeding

    V-shaped design of the pan to help concentrate the feed.

    Rim designed to prevent feed wastage.

    Direct level adjustment by screw action.

    The design of the hood and the cone ensures a minimum supply of food, always clean and fresh.

  • Guarantee and quality. 

    Made of plastic materials especially resistant to UV and cleaning or disinfection products of daily use.

    10-year guarantee*. (*With depreciation).